Supercharge Your Text Editing With Viasfora

I recently wrote about Top 14 Must Have Free Extensions For Visual Studio 2015, but it turns out, I’ve missed on one other great extension. It is called Viasfora. What Viasfora does for you is that it changes your braces and parenthesis color in such a way that nested parenthesis and braces do not confuse you any more. It is called rainbow coloring, it also add some coloring to your HTML markup, and change the color of your closing tags:

Confusing scopes doesn’t hurt much in C#, but in Javascript, it can be a real pain, what  Viasfora can do for you is that if you hold your Ctrl in a scope. It is going to highlight the whole scope for you, it could be a greate time saver when it comes to moving codes around.

I’m sure it has a lot of other great features that I didn’t explore, make sure you give it a try.


In this post we saw what Viasfora is and how it can help us be more productive.


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