Color Coder

Color Coder is an extension for Visual Studio 2015, 2017 and 2019. It can help you change the color of various programming constructs, such as:

  • EnumMember
  • Constructor (C# Only)
  • Field
  • LocalVariable
  • Namespace
  • Method
  • StaticMethod
  • ExtensionMethod
  • Property
  • Parameter
  • Module (VB Only)
  • Interface
  • Class
  • Struct
  • Enum
  • Delegate
  • GenericTypeParameter

You can download and install it from here. Color Coder is open source, you can find the source code on GitHub.

When you initially install Color Coder, it doesn’t change the colors, you should go to its option page to change it, you can see an example of its use on methods and constructors down below.

Color Coder C Sharp

You can change the colors through Color Coder’s options page.

Color Coder Option Page

You can also change the colors by selecting from a set of predefined options or restore the colors to visual studio default.

Color Coder Option Page Preset