Quick Note On Portfolio

Generally having portfolio for a programmer is difficult, because programming is more abstract than let’s say photography or web design. As a result I can’t really show my back-end codes to my non-programmer customers. What you see here are apps that I wrote and had user interface. But some of them doesn’t, for example they might be a web service or library etc. In addition, I have some web design skills, but I’m mainly a back-end developer. So some of the design works that you see in this portfolio might be my team mate’s work.

Open Source Projects

Here I’ll list some of the projects I’ve contributed to and some of the stuff I’ve built outside work or as a side project.


I contribute my time as a software developer to Humanitarian Toolbox and helped with delivering allReady project. allReady is a solution focused on increasing awareness, efficiency and impact of preparedness campaigns as they are delivered by humanitarian and disaster response organizations in local communities.

My contributions mainly consist of:
– Writing unit tests
– Handling UI interaction related parts with JavaScript
– Using C# and Asp.Net Core to implement app requirements

Skills used: .NET/ASP.NET Core, C# 6, MVC 6, Entity Framework Core Code First, CQRS, MediatR, Moq, xUnit, Shouldly


FreelancerBlog is a multi-language blogging solution for freelancers built with Asp.Net Core. It gives its user the ability to post content, portfolio, different price plans etc.

Skills used: .NET/ASP.NET Core, C# 6, MVC 6, Entity Framework Core Code First,  Moq, xUnit, Fluent Assertions

Color Coder

Color Coder is an extension for Visual Studio 2015 and 2017. It can help you change the color of various programming constructs, such as:

  • EnumMember
  • Constructor (C# Only)
  • Field
  • LocalVariable
  • Namespace
  • Method
  • StaticMethod
  • ExtensionMethod
  • Property
  • Parameter
  • Module (VB Only)
  • Interface
  • Class
  • Struct
  • Enum
  • Delegate
  • GenericTypeParameter