Hire Me

If you’re looking for a web developer with proven track record to build you a high quality website, I can help with that. I’ve worked as a web developer for more than four years. I’ve wrote software mostly for business and e-commerce industry, but I also worked on my side project for fun and learning and also worked with other people and contributed to their project mostly through github, you can see some of my work in portfolio section.

I write about my experience and try to be an active learner, some of my articles are one of the most popular articles on code project, such and this one, and as an active member of the developer community, I have a higher chance to be flexible enough to tackle any kind of business problems. I also contributed on projects such as allReady and worked with people such as David Paquette, James Chambers, Michael McCarthy. In short, I’m excited about what I do and take great pride it and want you to get the best possible product.


Michael McCarthy‘s opinion about one of my pull request:

AWESOME PR! Really great/clean code. It was really easy to follow and all your changes are inline with the styles and concepts of the project.

Mohsen Rabieai‘s experience about working with me:

I know Hamid to be an smart and talented developer with amazing problem solving skills. When it comes to .Net he knows the subject matter deep enough to tackle all kind of problems. He has excellent communication skills and very driven individual who is fun to work with.

What Can I Do For You


I can help you improve the quality of your software through refactoring and suggestions.

Web Development

I can develop and deliver online web based solutions, or cooperate with your team members to achieve the desired results. I’m comfortable with .Net and Microsoft set of technologies, I also have good understanding of client side languages and frameworks.

If you want to contact me about your project, go head and use the below form, just enter the summary and nature of your project.