Color Coder 1.0.1 Released

It is almost a year since I first released the Color Coder extension. I haven’t spent much time on it and planed to do it once it hit a certain amount of users. But recently with Visual Studio update 15.7 the extension didn’t work properly. So I fixed it and made other improvements to it too while I was at it.

The problem that was causing the issue was some changes to ClassifiedSpan in Roslyn compiler. This version doesn’t have any new features and is more of a patch release. But it has a lot of performance improvements. Here’s the list of changes in this version.

  • Fix the compatibility issue with VS 15.7
  • Remove the predefined font sizes
  • Change the way Color Coder colors the Interfaces, Classes, Enums, Namespances, etc. Which make it faster
  • Refactoring of overall solution which makes it easier to read and easier to change

Hamid Mosalla

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