Seven Dotnet Newsletter You Might Want To Subscribe To

There are numbers of .Net newsletters that I personally subscribe to, it helps me find out what’s new in .Net world. So in this post, I’m going to introduce seven Dotnet newsletter that I think worth subscribing to.

The Morning Brew

In my opinion, this is the best Dotnet newsletter you can subscribe to, if you only want to subscribe to only one of them, I’d suggest you subscribe to this one. I should mention that it technically is not a newsletter and more of an aggregator, but it has the option to receive the latest brews by email.

Dot Net Weekly

Dot net weekly sends you the most important links in .Net world once every Tuesday. It’s suitable for you if you don’t have much time and don’t want to miss on the most important articles or events on Dotnet.

.NET News

Similar to dot net weekly but even more terse.

Simple Talk

Simple Talk is a technical journal and community hub from Redgate, you can find pretty high quality articles in there. It has the option to receive the latest published articles once weekly.

Dotnet Kicks

Dot net kicks is the most active newsletter on .Net, it sends you an email with the latest articles daily. In addition, if they find out that you’re a constant reader, they’ll invite you to vote on articles that are going to be published.

 Awesome .NET

Yet another Dotnet newsletter, but it’s not just a newsletter, it also sends you the most popular packages of the week.

C# Digest

This newsletter is specifically about C#, and sends you a short list of the most important C# articles.


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